The Struggle is REAL

Math & Stuff

Jan 28

Math is a subject that many students struggle with at some point. It's typical to hear kids grumble that math is “too difficult,” but why do so many students appear to share this viewpoint? What is it about math that makes it so difficult for students to grasp?

We have gathered the most common reasons why people hate math:

– It requires time and effort.
– Many students move on to more difficult areas with insufficient foundations.
– Many may not have enough time to “get” math topics, causing them to fall behind as the teacher moves forward.

This may appear to be bad news, but it is actually very good news. If we're patient enough, the solution is simple!

Math might be difficult to master for some, but with the right skills, consistent practice and a patient teacher, it doesn't have to be! It takes having a patient teacher who will ensure that your children have a solid foundation. Someone who understands where their fear of math comes from and who has been through the same path.

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