Why Having a Patient Math Tutor Matters

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Feb 28

There are a few characteristics that all good math tutors share. They are patience, concern for their students, understanding, and of course, extensive knowledge of math. A math tutor cannot be an effective educator if these characteristics are not present. Most importantly patience.

Being a math tutor entails more than just spoon-feeding facts and data into students' heads; it also entails your attitude toward your students, especially when they are having difficulty understanding math and you have to repeat what you taught them until they completely understand.

There are students who can master math with minimal effort. Some may not, due to the fact that each student has varying levels of aptitude. A good math tutor will be patient, understanding, and willing to take the time to reach out to students who do not have strong math competencies.

Being patient with these students may help them overcome their math anxiety, and may even pique their interest in furthering their education in math.

We all know that there are other characteristics that define a good math tutor. What other characteristics do you believe a great math tutor should have? Please let us know.